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Specialty Development

Sun Bear Industries stands at the forefront of sustainable advancement, specializing in the comprehensive development of renewable energy specialty projects. Our focus on cutting-edge renewable technologies enables us to deliver innovative solutions that redefine energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our projects seamlessly integrate advanced technology with eco-conscious methodologies, allowing communities to thrive while minimizing their ecological footprint. Whether it's actualizing a state-of-the-art solar-powered community or conceptualizing a sustainable urban habitat, Sun Bear Industries is equipped to expertly manage every facet of your advanced energy needs.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, creating solutions that cater to diverse energy requirements and elevate them to new levels of sustainability and innovation. With us, the realization of your visionary sustainable projects becomes a seamless journey from ideation to fruition, transforming abstract concepts into tangible realities. At Sun Bear Industries, we don't just meet expectations; we redefine them, bringing renewable energy solutions to life and delivering specialty developments that epitomize renewable energy innovation.

Projects Under Management: 

Aquilo Wind Project 

The Aquilo Wind Project, a significant wind farm development off the shores of Lake Michigan, in the planning stages, represents a key step forward in sustainable energy initiatives. This project is a collaborative effort involving multiple stakeholders, with Sun Bear Industries (SBI) playing a role in the pre-stage planning.

SBI's involvement in the Aquilo Wind Project is characterized by a focus on practicality and expertise. 


Key aspects of SBI's involvement include:


  • Economic Feasibility Analysis

  • Energy Consulting

  • Project Feasibility Expertise


The Aquilo Wind Project, with its focus on harnessing the wind energy of Lake Michigan, is a promising development in the field of renewable energy. SBI is proud to lend our expertise to this endeavor, supporting the planning stages and contributing to a project that has the potential to make a significant impact on the region's energy landscape.

For more information about the Aquilo Wind Project and SBI's role in its development, we welcome inquiries and discussions. Our commitment at Sun Bear Industries is to support sustainable energy projects with our expertise and insights, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

Silver Mountain Ranches

Arizona Off-Grid Solar Integration for Silver Mountain Ranches‍

Envision over 300 acres of captivating horse property known as Silver Mountain Ranches, nestled within the picturesque Bradshaw Mountains near Mayer, Arizona. This exceptional land is evolving into a sophisticated private community, promising an idyllic haven for permanent residences, second homes, or vacation getaways.

Silver Mountain Ranches offers 344 acres primed for land development, featuring spacious 5-acre and larger parcels. As the community unfurls, we anticipate approximately 40 thoughtfully designed lots, each poised with splendid surroundings.

Navigating the realm of solar energy is nuanced and contingent on numerous factors. Here at Sun Bear Industries, we excel in crafting bespoke solar solutions tailored exclusively to your project.


Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Material fulfillment,

  • Engineering expertise

  • System design

  • Installation

  • Feasibility assessments

Sun Bear Industries is honored to be a driving force behind Silver Mountain Ranches, imbuing this remarkable development with our hallmark commitment to excellence. We invite you to explore the possibilities, elevate your lifestyle, and embrace a future illuminated by this community.

For inquiries and insights into Silver Mountain Ranches, reach out to us today. Your journey toward an enlightened future begins here.

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