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Innovating your renewable transition

Join us on our journey to achieving universal sustainability


We are thrilled to extend our warm greetings to you. Our journey began with a shared vision of creating a future where energy is synonymous with sustainability, innovation, and community welfare.

Our mission is to empower under-served communities through holistic economic renewable energy development. At SBI, we believe in fostering a world where our energy solutions not only fuel our homes and cities but also drive social equality and environmental protection. Being a minority-owned business, our endeavor is to break barriers and create pathways for inclusive and sustainable development.

We understand the challenges our planet faces, and we are here to offer groundbreaking solutions to address them. By joining hands with us, you become an integral part of a movement aimed at making renewable energy accessible and beneficial for all, ensuring we leave a healthier, happier planet for the generations to come.

We are excited to journey with you towards a cleaner, greener future, and we would love for you to know more about our aspirations, values, and the impactful work we do. 

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Streamlining renewable energy integration

Energy Planning


Community Empowerment

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Specialty Development

Neighborhood Revitalization

Construction Management

Our Partners

Ensuring a one-stop-shop for your renewable energy needs.

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At SBI, we integrate Renewable Energy to yield energy independence.

Meet Isaiah, a devoted advocate and innovator in the sustainability realm, with four transformative years carving pathways in the renewable energy sector and pioneering eco-conscious products. Isaiah harbors a profound vision—ushering in global sustainability by presenting solutions that are not just ecologically sound but also financially attainable.

He believes in the universality of sustainable practices and breakthrough technologies, asserting that they should be within reach for every individual, irrespective of economic background. It’s this belief that fuels his dedication to transforming visions into realities through the diverse and impactful services of Sun Bear Industries (SBI).

Isaiah’s journey is more than a commitment; it’s a mission to harmonize human existence with nature, ensuring that the treasures of our planet are preserved and cherished for generations to come.

Our Founder

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