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Sun Bear & Mavid Unite: Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Future

[Jun 16, 2023] – Sun Bear Industries, a trailblazing minority-owned firm leading the charge in renewable energy solutions, is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Mavid Construction, an award-winning tribal-owned construction company headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
This strategic alliance represents a powerful union of expertise, innovation, and commitment to diversity, laying the foundation for a new era of clean energy advancements and socioeconomic growth. By leveraging their combined strengths, Sun Bear Industries and Mavid Construction are poised to make a profound impact on the clean energy market while fostering a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared mission to deliver exceptional results to underserved communities on projects across a diverse range of sectors, including both private and government domains. One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the unwavering commitment to workforce development within tribal communities. By prioritizing growth, opportunity, and empowerment, this partnership is set to generate substantial positive change, providing skill-building initiatives and employment opportunities to those who have historically been underrepresented.

Through their collective expertise, Sun Bear Industries and Mavid Construction will offer a comprehensive range of services to clients nationwide. From economic development to clean energy integration. This partnership represents a one-stop solution for diverse construction needs with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable practices. Together, Mavid and SBI are capable of building the necessary infrastructure to rebuild our nation and lay the foundation for economic revitalization.

As Sun Bear Industries and Mavid Construction embark on this unprecedented journey together, they invite industry leaders, stakeholders, and communities alike to join them in reimagining what is possible. By combining their expertise, resources, and unwavering passion for sustainability, this visionary partnership is set to make a lasting impact on the clean energy landscape, creating a brighter, cleaner, and more inclusive world for generations to come.


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