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Sun Bear Industries and RENEW Wisconsin: Fostering Sustainable Progress

[Mar 25, 2024] - Sun Bear Industries, in its recent collaboration with RENEW Wisconsin, a nonprofit organization committed to fostering a renewable energy future, has set a new benchmark for sustainable development. This partnership is not just a union of two organizations but a combination of vision and commitment, poised to drive Wisconsin toward a greener, more sustainable future.

It represents a strategic alliance aimed at ensuring the continued growth and sustainability of renewable energy initiatives throughout the State of Wisconsin.

This partnership will focus on energy independence for Tribal Nations recognized in Wisconsin as well as training and workforce development in those same communities. Developing sustainable energy systems with Wisconsin Tribes by embracing solar energy will create educational opportunities that shine a light on the potential routes for jobs that pay well.

By ensuring everyone can realize the full potential of clean energy, Tribes, with the support of Sun Bear Industries and RENEW Wisconsin can make sure the Badger State meets its goal of achieving 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050. Set by Governor Tony Evers in 2019, this vision requires a clear and collective move toward a clean energy future. 
At the forefront of this transformation is Sun Bear Industries, whose leadership in the renewable energy sector has been instrumental. By partnering with RENEW Wisconsin, Sun Bear Industries has not only demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy but has also taken a proactive role in shaping the future of sustainable energy in Wisconsin and beyond. 

These collaborations are designed to do more than just provide energy solutions; they're about empowering communities with the knowledge and involvement necessary to sustain and build upon these initiatives for the long term. Sun Bear Industries’ unique approach to renewable energy development focuses on sustainability. The advancement of sustainable systems within critical infrastructure is crucial for enhancing communities by strategically aligning their economic initiatives with innovative sustainable practices.
Sun Bear Industries' expertise in renewable energy technologies, combined with RENEW Wisconsin's grassroots approach to community engagement and policy advocacy, creates a powerful alliance. Together, they are working towards a shared vision of a world where renewable energy not only powers our communities but also promotes social equity and environmental stewardship. 

Together, they are poised to make substantial contributions towards clean energy goals and support communities in their transition towards a revitalized, sustainable energy infrastructure. With Sun Bear Industries leading the charge toward innovation and
sustainability and RENEW Wisconsin adding depth and reach to their efforts, the future of renewable energy in Wisconsin and beyond looks bright.


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